You can contact us via email:

We are available for talks in Miami-Dade County and Broward County! (Exceptions can be made)

Reach out to us for a variety of topics we can talk about and our availability. If you have a topic you had in mind we can prepare for that too with ample time!

Francisco has a major in Theology and he would be best to talk about Church Teachings, Bible, Scriptures, etc.

I (Alejandra) Can talk about working with children in the church since I am a DRE, The Sacraments, Self-acceptance for women, Self-image, young teens, etc.

Frankie= Well, he shows up and is part of every talk! So expect him there. We travel as a family and do things as a family! If you are in need of only ONE of us, that is fine too since the other can stay home with Frankie but, don’t expect us BOTH there without Frankie! He is ALWAYS with ONE of us and we hope you understand!

Our Family comes before anything!

In the summer of 2021 our family will go on the road!!! We plan to visit many churches and hope to have an itinerary soon!