Family Organization

I keep our family VERY organized. To some it might be too much but it works for us! I have a checklist for everything and everyone. It keeps our household in order. It helped us out on our financial journey and that is how we were able to become debt free!

Below I will be sharing a few of the checklists that keep us organized. Yes, you are going to get a full view of what my day consists of, what Frankie does, and there is so much more but these are just the essentials that I find useful and that works for us. You can tweak them and make your own to suit your needs as a family.

Alex Block Schedule

Daily Cleaning Checklist

Frankies Checklist

Organization 15 minutes daily calendar

My block schedule might be intense for some, but it is Alejandra’s block schedule and it works for me. Do I follow it to the minute? NO WAY! Things don’t always worked “as scheduled” but it is my shell to follow through. Things get tweaked, moved and maybe even rescheduled, but they are manageable and keeps me more organized.

The daily cleaning checklist if mine and that is what I do EVERY day and I HAVE to get it done. It just leaves more time for “family time” on the weekends. I hate spending hours cleaning and so I have broken it down by small daily tasks. Francisco is in charge of the Organization 15 minutes daily calendar and daily dishes. He sets the timer and works for just 15 minutes on what is on the schedule for that day. He might finish and at times he might not, but our house gets better and improves every time and there are some things that now just need touching up. When you come to our house it is always clutter free, smells nice and looks very clean and organized and that is because we all chip in and it doesn’t feel like a lot of work when we only spend a few minutes doing it.

Frankie’s checklist is more aimed for him. He reminds us of things, has his own responsibilities. I have chore sticks and we make it fun! He loves to follow it and feels a sense of accomplishment. It makes me proud as a parent to know that he is self dependent. I recommend you start small of course. Our kid has his own knife set since he was 3 (they are kid friendly and not sharp but do the job). I am a firm believer that they can do anything! Let them try, let them fail at times. Frankie knows that if he fails, he simply tries again and it is OK to fail. We are not perfect! We cannot EVER be perfect .One day I had Frankie’s teacher call me to tell me that Frankie kept on disrupting the class because she was trying to tell the class that practice makes perfect and Frankie kept saying no it doesn’t. I explained to her that we tell Frankie that practice will never make you perfect, it makes you better because only God is perfect. If we tell him that something can make him perfect he will be in for a HUGE disappointment as he gets older and fails at something because it will happen. It does to us all! That is why we are preparing him that it is OK to fail. We try again and again and again until we achieve it. If we don’t achieve it don’t blame others for it. It is on YOU! You didn’t want it bad enough. YOU gave up. No one is to blame but yourself.

I hope this helps some parents out there and maybe you have other few tips that you can share below! I always appreciate new things to try and incorporate!

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