Becoming “Minimalists”

So it has begun… (1/6/2018 When it all started)

We are on a journey of getting rid of clutter! First and foremost, being a minimalist doesn’t mean that we will end up with just a few things. It just means getting rid of all the unnecessary things in our lives that are not only cluttering our home, but cluttering the time we spend with each other. I have been doing a lot of research on this topic and you can adapt minimalism to your needs. Keep the things that only bring happiness to your lives. If it brings you more work, clutter and bad memories just get rid of it! I wrote a post on this here———>>>>> Purging MOST of my belongings

I have always considered myself stylish. This meant having lots of clothes and shoes. Because of all the weight that I have lost I’ve been forced to donate most of my wardrobe, but shoes… Let me tell you this is still in the making and a hard process for me. As of December 2017 I had 363 pairs of shoes and that is when I made the choice to downsize. I was successfully able to bring it down to 162 pairs! Yes, I suffered through this process. But it had to be done. Not only was this excessive, unrealistic and cluttering our room, it was getting in the way of many things in my life. The routine of getting ready was the toughest because with that many shoes I spent over 20 minutes trying to figure out what was the best matching shoes with the outfit and I would go through all those pairs until I found the right one. It not only took away my time, but it took away time from spending those extra minutes with my son or husband in the morning.

My goal is to get it down to 25 pairs or less. For my wardrobe it is another story. I am still in the process of downsizing everything around our home and when I feel that the work of minimizing to the bare essentials has ended I will treat myself to a whole new wardrobe. I will then reach my weight loss goal and will start with a clean state of new clothes and I will keep it to about 50 pieces including workout gear!

Like I said.. This is still a work in progress and I have only just begun so I will keep you all updated on the changes. Maybe even some pictures.

UPDATE: 1/23/2018 = I would say that 80% of my closet is finished (shoes included) The hubby’s stuff is another story, but he is very supportive and likes the change to have less and has jumped on board. He started with his t-shirts and gym clothes and well… that’s a start and I am not one to complain. Just hoping he can eliminate more than 80% of his things.