About our family

We are “almost” ready to embark on an adventure that only few will risk in doing! We have set a timeline to save, save, and get rid of everything! Summer 2021 we will head out with a few of our belongings and discover America state by state! We are aiming to do this for at least ONE year! We will be homeschooling Frankie while on the road. We want to visit as many Catholic Churches as possible and we hope to be invited and welcomed for talks since that will be our livelihood! If you are interested in booking us somewhere, let us know!

Be ready to be bombarded with lots of pictures and everyday experiences from being on the road. We want to live freely and just go with the flow. If God has plans along the way only time will tell, but as for now, we are saving all we can and selling anything we have to make this little dream and adventure possible!