Where I’ve been since i left the church.

So, let me start by saying that interviewing is tough! I’m tired of interviews and after much thought and discernment if nothing pans out by the end of the week, i think I’m going to take a much needed break.

You know… New Year, new me? New job? We will see. I’ve turned down 3 jobs. Gone to like 9 interviews and now I’m here just waiting. After this Friday I’m done for. Not completely giving up but just taking my time. I mean…. I’m debt free! My family and i will still be okay and although we will be saving less, we still have our goals to be out in the road someday. Maybe my two year span might not be a reality with this break but I’m home, being a part of my son’s life and a great wife.

For now i seek the church again. I’m not gonna lie. I’ve felt distant let down, betrayed, but i must snap out of it. Like this Sunday’s reading which is my favorite; The son who returns to his Father….. I’m coming back strong Lord!