Fighting for my church! The reason I left…

After so many years of really trying to “stay and fight” for the Catholic Community and the Church, the day finally came when quitting from my second Church job within the span of a year, wasn’t so much a hard decision as an acknowledgement of reality, morality and truth: I just couldn’t continue to work at an institution that I’ve loved my whole life, but that’s run by men who or what I like to call the “Career Catholics” and are interested in everything but the love of Christ in those who truly seek it.

I’ve been working for a Catholic Church for almost 9 years, two years I did it full time and for free. One year I did it with a 6 day old baby in hand (or in my desk drawer) to be able to return and “support” my pastor. Don’t get me wrong, I felt blessed to have my baby by my side, but it was not easy. It was hard as heck! For 4 years I worked BOTH a full-time 40 hour a week job and a part-time 20 plus hours a week job plus managed to volunteer 10 or more hours out of the week. All this for the church! And for the last year, not only did I have both of those jobs, but had a third night shift job at a retail store after hours when they closed so that I can accomplish our dreams of getting out of debt.

I don’t regret a single moment. I don’t regret a single day. Not to mention the times my son had gotten his epileptic seizures has been at the church, a church event, or prior to something big we were supposed to do at the church. And until this day you know what that tells me? That tells me that as for my husband, son and I we serve the Lord! We are so devoted that the devil puts barriers in place to stop us, to get us to go, but we stand tall!

Working for the Archdiocese of Miami has made me open my eyes to many things that I will save for another blog post. Working with many different priests has also made me open my eyes that they are just men with nothing special but a title and yet the moment they hold that piece of bread up during the Mass I know they stop being who they are and are that instrument that God intended them to be and I believe that at that moment that bread becomes Christ Himself!!!

For a while I asked myself, “What am I doing? Am I doing good work here or making a difference? Is God using me here? Or am I helping to just be the face for an institution that is ultimately unredeemable?” And that is why I’m leaving the Church. The workforce only! I’m 100% Catholic and will always be. I will fight with all my might to do what is right! I refuse to become another “Career Catholic” and although after you read this I’m in search of a job…. At least I’m not in search of my soul. My morals stand strong and my family and I will be blessed.

That is why more than ever we want to go on the road and live a life of service and preaching. Telling our story. There is beauty in simplicity and we don’t ask for luxurious things. We have become too spoiled over the years. We are already rich in love. Rich in Christ and we are descendents of Royalty! We can’t get any richer.

Tomorrow as I go into work (probably for what is my last day ever working for the Catholic Church) I will hold my head up high. I’m not gonna lie, tears will be shed. My everyday tasks will be missed, and to continue on this road of servitude.

What this has taught me is that I’m more Catholic then ever! That I’m proud of my choices. And I know that God will always provide! Our plans might be cut short or delayed but never stopped! As for this Administrative Assistant to the Pastor who dresses punk rock, wears dark leggings, skirts and boots. . . It’s time to shine woman! Don’t hold back! Continue to speak the truth! Defend your Church, even if it means going through difficult times. The Church, our precious and beloved Church, is under attack. And by those we least expect! But I refuse to give up and I will not run away; I will run into the building, my church, my community, giving my entire life, to build up the Church and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I invite you to do the same, to be the change! Speak up brothers and sisters!