The beauty of decompressing

On Saturdays we tend to almost always do the same thing. We wake up whenever we want. I’m usually first, then it’s Frankie and last comes daddy. Like very last. Sometimes it can get noisy (courtesy of Frankie and I) 😉 We like to eat breakfast as a family so Frankie knows that if he is really hungry, he can grab a fresh fruit in the meantime. 80% of the time we go to our favorite Mexican place (one time for La Union).

For the most part we try to stay active, so we ride our bikes almost everywhere, we visit the park and have lunch at the local farmers market. Then we go to another park or go home to watch a family movie or play board games.

We usually like going to Sunday morning Mass unless we have some plans for Sunday doing it going somewhere we tend to them go to a Saturday evening Mass.

This weekend with Lent already have been started, we keep it simple yet fun but with a little more responsibility. We try to clean more often, pick up more often and today I started to post a few items we are selling!

Little by little we want to sell all we can and since we aren’t in a rush we can still be a little more picky about not giving away all are good and still it for what it still worth.

Here are a few pictures from earlier today.

And a little video teaching you to speak to the birds courtesy of Frankie! 🤭