Update on de-cluttering my life!

I am finally finished! I have de-clutter, organized and formatted my home and my life. So many changes have been made. Big Decisions have been prayed about, talked about with my husband and a new plan has been set in place! The past week Of having everything organized and de-cluttered has been a God-sent! I’ve had more time to spend with Frankie, to read, to concentrate on simple tasks that I have been meaning to get around to at home. It really is more fulfilling to live with less!

I have however been struggling with my eating habits these last two weeks. I have been so occupied to getting the house to where I was happy that I have let myself go. I have been eating everything in sight and have gained weight in the process. Now that I have more of a flow of things I need to get right back on track!

Let me tell you that getting ready in the morning has become a breeze, and although I must admit that I have added a few key pieces of clothing to my wardrobe it has been to compliment the new look and color scheme of things. I have gotten rid of even more shoes! I know, what is wrong with me? I have realized that if something is not working then it must go!

I also finally got around to talking to my priest about my decision to leave my job. He was so kind an understanding about it. I have had second thoughts as I mentioned before because now I have signed up to getting out of debt the Dave Ramsey way and well, the extra money would have been nice but I can always apply at any other jobs and if they don’t make me happy or are bringing more stress, then I will let it go. I am not bound to anyone or anything besides my husband and child. That’s the way I see it.

What have you done lately to de-clutter your life, your home, your thoughts?