My child is worth more of my time.

My husband and I are VERY active at our church and our community. Since Frankie was a newborn he has been next to us in every activity that we have devoted our time to. So much so that he himself volunteers and several things at our parish since he has been three years old. We draw the line somewhere though and the reason I am writing this post is to bring light to those parents that volunteer sooooooo much that their kids suffer from it. Yes, we see it. The mom or dad are so involved in helping everyone, every group, different churches that their kids get dragged everywhere, they don’t have other interaction with kids their ages. I’ve seen the parents or mother of the kids asking people in the community to watch their kids because they have to be somewhere to volunteer, because they promised so-and-so that they would help, etc. It saddens me!!! It actually infuriates me! I believe that spending time with your child(ren) is much more important than any volunteer work you can give. There is a limit and kids need to be kids. If you are a parent, mother/father that does this frequently, I please urge you to volunteer more of your time with your kids. Trust me… It will please God more if you do.