My sons’ first curse word.

Last night while eating dinner, Frankie threw a left curve ball at us that left us stunned! Frankie had already finished his dinner and was off playing while my husband and I talked over ours. That’s how it normally happens over at our household and I have a very special post on why we normally or should I say not always eat dinner as a family and why it works for us! So, he comes to us and says his friend so and so got in trouble today. We asked why and he says “because he said what the f**k?” I nearly spit my zucchini out my mouth! I had to ask ONE more time to make sure I hear correctly. Sure enough… My son drops the F-bomb again. Documenting his first time cursing as January 24th. Around 7pm. Year 2018!

We were in such shock that I think I scared the living sh*t out of him. As a parent we told him that yes that was a VERY good reason why his friend WOULD get in trouble in school. We told him that is one of the worst words he could ever use and that even as an adult we don’t use it and if we need to tell someone else that someone used it we say F-word instead. Then Frankie reminded us that just like the F-word we do not say Gods name in vain and that we should also only use Gods name in prayer. My husband and I agreed with him and when I felt proudness overcome me, he shattered it by telling me: “Mommy you always use God’s name in vain. You always say Oh My God! And you shouldn’t only in prayer”. ?!?! I mean, what can I say? Besides that he was right and to please let me know the next time I do it so that I may stop doing so.

We continued the conversation on using bad words and how he should immediately tell his teacher because 1. He might get blamed, even if he is telling the culprit not to use such word, 2. That was the teacher can address the issue with the classmate saying it and 3. If he repeats such bad word he will spread it to other classmates that might not know about it and he would be spreading evil that way. We told him that every time he says a bad word that it is the devil working through him and spreading evil. OMG, why did I tell him that? He started to cry because he felt bad that he had used the word to tell us.

This morning he still reminded me that the F-word was bad and I got a chance to talk to his teacher. The teacher assured him that he would be doing good if he tells her when ANYONE of his friends use that or ANY other bad word. She even made mention that he doesn’t hear his mommy and daddy use those bad words right? Thank the Lord p high he reassured his teacher he doesn’t hear us with that kind of language. I would have died right there! (Mental note to stop having a sailors mouth) He did surprise us by asking who in his friends’ life must be using that language because they were bad people.

Oh the things our kids say! They sure keep us on our toes. I can clearly see him correcting me for all my OMG’s!