Motivation is hard to find at times. Being lazy is the easiest thing we could do as humans. It is something that comes natural because it is so simple. We are all lazy in our own way. The good news is that it is something we can change! I am a very driven and motivated individual. At least I like to think so! 🙂 I am an overachiever and a go-getter! (Not even sure on spelling, but bare with me. English is not my first language and don’t you dare correct me on my grammar!) I have to-do’s for everything, planners for everything, lists for everything and everyone! My son had a calendar and picture planner that I specifically made for him to organize himself since he was two! It has gone down in size for him since he has already been molded to expect certain things that must be done! For example, if you ask him what we do on Thursdays after dinner he will quickly tell you that it is weigh-in day! LOL! My husband and I have been on weight watchers for about 6 years off and on, but more into it lately to lose the last couple of pounds we need to. Frankie gets to go with us. He also weighs in and we tell him that everyone in that room is trying to get healthy. That we are all winners there and he loves it! The point is that he has in his head that on Thursdays he can’t play because there is no time. He also knows that he is only allowed TV time for an hour max on Tuesday, Thursday (while he eats) and Saturday and Sunday!

In structuring a calendar of to-do’s he also is a great kid in putting away his dirty clothes as soon as he takes it off. he knows there is a routine before going to bed. He gets motivated from feeling accomplished and that is what we adults feel in a way when something gets done. When someone tells me they are not motivated to do this or that, I ask them, but don’t you want to feel accomplished? Then why not just do it!!! Here’s the thing… If you have ten things on your to-do list and you only do 3 or 4 or even just one, well… that in itself is an accomplishment! You did one more thing above zero and that in my book makes you a hero! (Anyone beside me laugh at that? Please let me know.) Every morning before we leave the house we play the same song. A worship song of your choice will do. Something up lifting! It just puts you in that mindset to conquer the world and what better way to start your morning than praising God? Our song is “Here I am Lord” Composed by Dan Schutte. There are different versions out there. We prefer a live version with the audience praising God and singing along!

Another part of my routine is writing down my daily goals. I do this EVERYDAY. At times I do not accomplish all but if you write them down you are already going in with the mentality that you will do them! I also write down 3 things that I ask myself every morning. 1) How will I grow today? 2) How will I give? and 3) What am I thankful for? I have a journal just for that and it might be something so simple that you write, but make it your own and that will motivate you so much! If you start your day happy then you will end your day happy. I tell this to Frankie all the time. The person in our household that has a hard time following that philosophy is myself. We all have those days that we wake up and something bothers us and just sets s sour tone for the rest of the day. Lately I have learned how to manage those emotions and redirect them to more positive things. it has helped me greatly because I would wake up and just pick a fight with my husband or Frankie for no reason. I realized how this was hurting us as a family. I am also making it a point to smile more. This is something that is extremely hard for me. I don’t want to be fake about it and it doesn’t come naturally. So, it is something that I am working on. It is a continuous struggle for me because I always have this “bitch” face or frown on me and it makes me seem mad at the world when in reality I am not. I am just a very serious gal! I promise. This is hurting me because it makes me not approachable.

Finally, search for motivational videos. Start affirmations for you, your family, etc. When I get into work I put my headsets in and here something inspiring everyday. Some things on repeat more than others because it is what gets me motivated! So go for it! just get it done! What are some of the things you do to get motivated? Any challenges?