Purging MOST of my belongings and what it has taught me.

By all means, I am very new to this declutter thing. About a month a go (maybe less than that even) I went on a girls night out with a good church friend. We both really needed a girl’s night out to talk about organizing and budgeting. Of course we did that and more! Mostly talk about our kids! That is what mothers do right? Well, one of our major topics that night was about decluttering the home and how we acquire so much crap over time. How there were more important things in life than a Gucci bag or a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes!

After that night I did a lot of thinking. So much so that I have been un a purging spree! I started to re-evaluate what is important to me. What the significance of material things in my life meant and have. What it was taking from me and my family. So the easy part of this was that fewer things meant a more simplified life. Or so it seems? So far for the last two weeks I have been bagging, donating, giving away tons of things that were just a grab and get rid of easy task. It got harder after the first three days. I started to really think whether I still wanted this or not? Was it worth giving away? It cost me money, it’s too valuable, etc.

I came to halt on the fifth day and wanted to give up . Instead I decided to do more research, reading on the topic, watch videos of others who have gone thru the same experience, etc. and I got inspired again. Not only did it create some sort of spark in me, it got me beyond the just decluttering the house but becoming a minimalist. let me explain before I go on what a minimalist means to ME! You can look up whatever definition the internet gives you and go from there, but to me it simply means living with less. it is the removal of material things that distracts us from the things we really value in life. I’ll be honest. I watched some videos on minimalism and what some people have done and I was like OMG! These people ain’t got sh*t!!! How can they live like that? Then I started to see a pattern. Most NOT all where these free spirited, roaming the world people who lived out of their suit case. Most are vegan and do yoga. Seriously… I was not about to get into yoga or give up my bacon! No way! So I took it to heart that I was going to go this route a different way. To be honest, I might have gone too far. LOL!

I have begun with my bedroom and as I write this only 80% of so has been re-evaluated. Mostly my belongings like shoes and clothes. I had over 300 pairs of shoes and over 800 items of clothing. No wonder I took over an hour to pick out what I was wearing. I am proud to say that as of yesterday I now only have 30 pairs of shoes and about 79 items of clothing not counting gym wear, bras and underwear. I think I can go with less but half of that I am keeping for about 3 months and see if it really gets used or not. I got rid of so much and have donated so much. I have also begun the kitchen and 30% of it has been purged. I have a lot of work ahead but with just those simple changes I have come to noticed that I am more efficient in the morning. I feel less overwhelmed and I am looking forward to less cleaning of things around the house and concentrate on what really matters most. My family! My community! God’s Church!

Doing this so far has required a certain commitment. I have broken this down to 30 minute sessions a day. At times I do more than that! Before I started this I prayed. A lot!!! I prayed for discernment. I prayed for peace. I prayed and asked God for forgiveness. When did I become so materialistic? Having more meant I was wealthier, happier, of higher status and in reality I was being buried by it all. I started to pair this materialistic way of living to the issue of having self-acceptance issues and having a comfort problem with food. They might seem to NOT go hand in hand, but to me they are. one feeds the other and it has become a cycle of ups and downs. I am seeing that I need to feel my emotions and not feed them. to be honest with you on the food topic, these last two weeks have been so hard, so emotional that I have not committed to my diet. I have binged on food and continue to do so. Although I am exercising, I have not stopped eating these emotions away. I’m working on it, but I feel like I am working on so many things right now and guess what? Some might tell me to take it easy, slow down, do one and then finish the other. Whatever!?!? I want to just do it! I want to get it over with! I want to feel free! This is what all this has come down to. Freedom! Not being bound to things. I will concentrate on my diet next week. (At least I hope I will) I need to tie some loose ends at home with my materialistic ways.

All the purging I have been doing has not been easy. I am hurt inside. I’ve had second thoughts. It has not been easy. I saw hundreds and hundreds of dollars inside plastic bags that used to have meaning to me and as I looked at it all piled up on my balcony waiting to be taken to a donation center, I tear up. This has been extremely hard for me. I love to dress up, I love to have more choices, but after some “soul searching” I have come to the realization that all that is taking a lot of time from not only my husband and son, but from myself. I am giving people the wrong image of who Alejandra really is. I am not cute clothes, pretty bows and a killer shoe collection. I want them to see who I really am and what I am made off beyond material things and that is the reason why I want all that out of my life. I am worth so much more that that pile of “things” that is sitting in my balcony waiting to be taken away.

With all this going on please look forward to other things I am purging out of my life on a new post coming soon.