When you are the example of Faith to your child.

As a parent we want the best for our children. We know we do for Frankie. That is why it is essential that we lead by example. There are things that they might not like, not understand and things they do enjoy, but we must enforce it no matter what. We know at times it is tough even for us adults!

There might be some of you out the reading this who are not Catholic like us, or from a different denomination, religion or even orientation, but we can all relate that if it is kindness you show, your child will mimic that. If it is love, then love they’ll be portraying. If it’s telling, fighting and other horrible habits you show them then they will think it is normal.

We teach Frankie what we think is right as HIS parents. In our household​ we don’t eat until we pray. We don’t go to bed until we pray. We attend Mass every Sunday. Even while on vacation. Sure there has been times that we missed a Sunday or two in his whole 3 years of life and we make those decisions that later on we regret. We all slip and fall at times and what we have shown him is that we made a mistake, why it isn’t right and what we can do to make it right. We are almost sure that he might not fully understand, but we have planted that seed. Now it is our job to water it and it WILL blossom. Our Faith tells us it will.

This past Sunday for mother’s day we explained to Frankie that it was a day to honor the moms. He as a child felt joy because he thought that like any celebration we get to do fun things. We told him that first we go to church to visit Jesus and thank him for everything that happened and didn’t happen for that week. When he is reluctant about going we always remind him that it is just one hour that we get to spend with Jesus during the whole week. We were eating breakfast when he asked that if it was mother’s day then we should give my flowers to Mary. My husband sent tulips to my job earlier that week and Frankie thought it would be a great idea if we took them to Mary. I cut 6 tulips out if the arrangement and clustered them together and tied them with some ribbon. 🎀 He took them that morning before Mass to the statue of the Rosa Mystica. He loves that Mary and prays to her every week. He loves to take his coins, he puts them in and says a prayer.

As his parents these are the few things that make us proud because we know that we are skiing something right. Little by little we lead by example and we know it isn’t easy but it is what God wants.

Below are a few of the moments we have captured our son honoring our mother.

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