My dear son…

Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about you because your 4th birthday is just around the corner. Your daddy and I hope that one day when you read this you will fully grasp how much we prayed for you. Six years into our marriage and our prayers were answered. The wait was worth it because it took God some time to make the most precious, loving, kind-hearted and happiest boy to bless us with. Know that although we spoil you a little there are things in life that don’t come easy. We work hard to give you almost anything your heart desires, but as you get older and understand better you better believe that you will need to earn things in life.

The road to getting blessed by you was not easy. Daddy and I went through many tribulations and they told us we could never be parents unless we did IVF (I know you will research what this is, but know that it is against our Faith). Practically, the doctors told us that they were the only ones that can help and as good Catholics we refused that choice because our solution was not a man of science. We had other options. To adopt or keep praying. Although we were devastated to hear those news, we believe that God would make us parents someday.

A few months after visiting that doctor or prayers were answered. You were conceived by love and Faith. It took you over 9 months to come into this world. You were too cozy inside my womb. Even upon the day of your most anticipated arrival you didn’t want to come out. You had a massive crowd of family and friends of ours waiting to meet you. You weighed 6lbs and you were 23 inches long! I knew the moment you came out that you were a gift and that you were special. Mommy and Daddy prayed the rosary every day from the moment you were conceived. You came to this world to do great things. You are already a man of God​. In time things will get hard and you will go through your own hard times, but if it is one thing you take from reading this is that we must always pray for what we want and have the Faith in God that it will happen. Not in our time but in His time.

For the past almost 4 years your daddy and I have watched you grow, learn and flourish. You have made us the happiest ever. You are thoughtful, smart, loving, kind-hearted, handsome and an overall joy to have around. On your birthday not only do we celebrate you, but we thank God and Mary for you. We throw a huge celebration for life!!! How can we not thank God for you? All we wish and pray for everyday is that you are healthy, safe, know and learn more about your creator, learn to fear God, love our Mother Mary, be an example of good and kindness, be obedient, say your prayers, do great in school and have fun living this life. Remember that the middle is what matters. You must not look back or think what if? Why didn’t I do this? What if the future was like this? Will I ever accomplish this? What you do in the present is what matters. The rest will come in time, your questions will be answered and your dreams and aspirations will come true if you work for them. Nothing is free in life or easy.

Know that we love you so much! We are blessed beyond expectations. You are our greatest gift! On June 11th you will reach another milestone and we will celebrate you and life! We will pray over you, dedicate a rosary for you, go to Mass and thank God for you and lavish you with love!!! Happy early birthday my son.