Latin Low Mass

Today I (Alejandra) attended a Latin Mass. Here in Broward County,  Florida there is only 1 Church that gives us this privilege but only on the 1st and 4th Sunday of the month and at 7:30am. FYI, the Church is St. Malachy in Tamarac. It’s a beautiful thing to attend a Latin Mass and every Catholic should do it once every chance they get.  It’s sad though for many reasons that our Archdiocese doesn’t make this more feasible for their community.  It’s hard.  First of all,  finding a church that’s at least 15 minutes to 30 minutes away.  Second, a convenient time.  I would love to attend a Latin Mass with the whole family,  but lets be real. . . At 7:30am it’s out of the question to wake up my toddler at 6am to get him ready,  fix breakfast,  etc. My husband and I have to take turns too! Someone has to stay home with Frankie.  Ughhhhh, I just wish the Archdiocese would see what needs the young families have.  We want the tradition back in our church.  More Parishes should have a Latin Mass.  The times should be more convenient too. #bringbacklatinmass #bringbacktheveil