Welcome all you modern day Catholics! We are the Martinez Family! Meet daddy (Francisco), Mommy (Alejandra) and Frankie! We currently reside in Sunrise, Florida (minutes away from Fort Lauderdale and an hour away from Miami).

What we hope to bring you is to simply how to be a better Catholic family in today’s modern world. We are not perfect, but we strive to be good people and do God’s work. We hope that together we¬†learn more about our faith taking today’s modern world into consideration, applying what the Church teaches us into our ever-so busy lives and how we can pass this all along to our children (no matter their age group). We ourselves are still learning and growing! Everyday is a challenge, but when God is in the center of it all, NOTHING is impossible! We are striving to become minimalists and only living on the essential things. Lately we noticed that with less things we have become happier! We strive for financial freedom to be able to give back to our community!

For more about our story and family life click on about us! We pray that through this site, we ourselves grow in our faith, get to meet many other Catholic Families, learn through our mistakes and that God touches you in some special way. Whether it be a short story of ours (Alejandra usually does funny although crickets have been heard), a Faith-based teaching (Francisco’s specialty, holds a Bachelor in Theology and Religion), or a simple everyday “what happened today at home” post (Be prepared to see a lot of Frankie in those)!


Francisco, Alejandra and Frankie Martinez